A THOUSAND AND ONE FAILURE, or how I found my treasures

Where to cook – that is the question! It is important for health not only what kind of food we eat, but also in what cookware it is cooked. Aluminum recognized as especially harmful – if to use such cookware, doctors promise irritability, headaches and even cancer with Alzheimer. OMG! Stainless steel is

My new book A NEW LIFE – why is it worth reading?

All the events described in my new book A New Life took place in actuality, either in the author’s or others’ lives. From this book you’ll learn:
* How to find a job, apply to available openings, and get them to hire you.
* Where to find a worthy life partner;
* How to win the interest, sympathy and love of any person—including the one you want to be with.
More in English: https://anewlifebook.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/a-new-life-what-is-this-book-about-why-is-it-worth-reading/