A THOUSAND AND ONE FAILURE, or how I found my treasures

Where to cook – that is the question! It is important for health not only what kind of food we eat, but also in what cookware it is cooked. Aluminum recognized as especially harmful – if to use such cookware, doctors promise irritability, headaches and even cancer with Alzheimer. OMG! Stainless steel is



My husband admits that I had spoiled his by daily goodies 😉 We have an agreement: at my request, he estimates my dishes, the highest score is 10. Usually, if he likes something, he can say 12, 15. A couple of times a year it was 20. But to this cream he gave all 50!


In the darkest days of the year we all dream of paradise islands and rest under palms with some exotic tasty treat in your hand… Meanwhile, to arrange a little heavenly bliss is possible even at home, and it is easy!