My new book A NEW LIFE – why is it worth reading?


All the events described in my new book A New Life took place in actuality, either in the author’s or others’ lives. From this book you’ll learn:

  1. How to find a job, apply to available openings, and get them to hire you.
  2. Where to find a worthy life partner;
  3. How to win the interest, sympathy and love of any person—including the one you want to be with.
  4. How to increase your income;
  5. What precisely attracts and deters men?
  6. How to understand and win the heart of a woman—what’ll make her jump, of her own volition, into your bed?
  7. Learn from the mistakes of others! You’ll see from the sidelines the most popular mistakes that men and women make. Of course, most mistakes can be corrected—but only if you really want to! (Important: it must be mutual.)
  8. How to avoid the most common traps for men and women on popular Russian, foreign and any dating sites;
  9. How to “improve” your life partner.
  10. How to get your partner to treat you more attentively and considerately;
  11. How to live together happily and harmoniously;
  12. How to survive a break in relationships as painlessly (for you) as possible;
  13. Is it possible to return to a partner when it seems that everything is ruined beyond hope?
  14. How to make a spoiled child into a lovely one who helps around the house;
  15. What to do if you have noisy neighbors;
  16. How to defend your personal boundaries from bothersome and aggressive people;
  17. How to reverse someone’s adverse attitude towards you;
  18. What to do if you had a bad childhood—how not to become your parents. And which strategy to choose to behave towards them now;
  19. How to find friends in adulthood;
  20. What to do if you’re tortured by bad memories of the past and a sense of guilt.
  21. How to change losing life circumstances into winning ones. It’s never too late!

More in English:


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