Very simple and economical dessert. At the same time beautiful and delicious! This is what you need to please a guests and do not bother with cooking for a few hours 😉

Layers of any berries or fruits, a biscuit, a custard and a jelly in trifles can alternate as you wish. I put down the canned peaches (you can also make jelly from the juice from the peaches and gelatin and pour over the peaches, making additional layer, will be even more beautiful, and the jelly is very delicious. But in this case you have to wait several hours until the jelly hardens. Good idea: to cook a jelly 1 day before the trifle, as well as a custard (it should be cold also).

Then I put on the fruits broken pieces of the sponge cake (baked also one day before. You can use any cake or biscuits from a supermarket. By the way, next week I will reveal the secret how to prepare delicious sponge cake guaranteed and very fast and easy. No whipping whites and yolks separately 😉 !)

Saturate the cake or biscuits juice from the canned peaches, or any other juice, or any liquor.

Then I put the chocolate cream (for its preparation I mixed heavy cream with gelatin solution. Cream – 1 cup. Gelatine solution I made of ½ cup of water and 1 teaspoon of gelatin. When water is heated, dissolve gelatin). Whisk the mixter with sugar powder and vanilla. In ½ of whipped cream put 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Then I put the layer of custard (also prepared 1 day before), there are good recipes here:

and here:

And all crowned with vanilla whipped cream + gelatin (gelatin into the cream, by the way, is not necessary 🙂 But if you want to put the cream a beautiful pattern, gelatin will help keep the shape). Then I wanted to sprinkle everything with grated chocolate, but I was too lazy to do it 😉 Especially since the trifle was very  tasty just like this 🙂


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