Popular English dessert trifle is what you need to meet the holidays and any holidays! Trifle is delicious, looks amazing and very easy to cook (especially if you will buy a ready cake or biscuits or savoiardi. I baked). The advantage of this dessert that trifle can be prepared in countless variations, but tasty and nicely will be anyway! It is just impossible to spoil a trifle 🙂 All is very simple: at the bottom of a glass, or any transparent dish for food you put a cake or biscuits (cut into pieces or just broken). Sprinkle it with any liquor or wine, or any fruit juice. Put above it any chopped fruits or berries (canned are also OK), then a layer of custard (thick consistency).


The recipe of custard is here:  https://tastydeliciousblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/24/vanilla-milk-custard-low-fat/

and soon I will post new :)). If capacity of the dish is high, the layers may be repeated several times! On the top of all put ‘cap’ of whipped cream (with sugar powder and vanilla). It can be decorated with any berries or grated chocolate.


Variety: on the biscuit-layer put a custard first, and then fruits and/or berries. Or any fruit or berry jelly (as an additional layer). Or chocolate cream (the recipe I will post with recipe of chocolate trifle :)). Instead of the traditional whipped cream, you can use sour cream, whipped with sugar and vanilla (you can add brown sugar), any yogurt, soft curd. Given that only custard there are so many recipes, as well as a variety of cakes and biscuits, fruits and berries, trifle can be prepared throughout the year and will be never repeated. And you will get glory of a super-chef, while spending a minimum of effort 🙂



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