This is ancient Russian delicacy, reminiscent marshmallow but more tasty and much better for health (in marshmallow is nothing good, only a lot of sugar ;)). Its’ name is “pastila”. Granny Smith apples are the best for the preparation of this incredibly tasty thing, but you can take any apples. Peel and bake them in the oven until softness (slices or whole) at a temperature 100C/250f – 180C/390f (than higher the temperature than faster, than lower than more vitamins remain), or cook in water (cutting pieces). Then make apple puree using a blender (if cooked, drain the compote beforehand – it can be used as a tasty and healthy drink, adding honey). Whisk the puree a few minutes – it will increase in volume. If you took a very sour apples, you can add a few tablespoons of honey, any jam or sugar. If apples are sweet, it is not necessary.

While the applesauce cools, whisk egg whites in stable foam (you can add a pinch of citric acid or cream of tartar), in proportion 1-3 egg whites on 2 cups of apple puree. The more egg whites the candies will be airier. If you or your kids are allergic to eggs, you can make pastila without egg whites and all will be fine, just ready ‘apple clouds’ won’t be so white and airy.

Add the beaten egg whites into the beaten applesauce, continuing to whisk a few minutes. If applesauce is still warm, don’t afraid to mix it with egg whites 🙂 The mixture will turn white and will increase in its volume even more! While the mixture is whipped, prepare hot solute of agar-agar: 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of powdered agar-agar on ¾ cup of water. Poured hot solution of agar in apple mixture, still whisking a couple of minutes. It will increase in volume even more!

The mixture (by the way, it is perfectly suited as filling for crepes and cakes) put on a baking sheet, on parchment, thickness like on the photo:


Leave to dry at room temperature for 5-12 hours. Cut:


You can roll the pieces in powdered sugar, although I never did it. Then put the pieces on parchment to the oven (leave the door ajar) and dry at 60 – 80 °C (140-180 F) 4 – 6 hours. After drying, ready sweets you can again roll in powdered sugar (I never did it also).


Keep the sweets a few days at room temperature, if longer in the refrigerator in a glass jar with a lid, in any plastic box  or wrap in parchment and put in a carton box.

Instead of apples, you can use plums, peaches, apricots, nectarins, pears, grapes, cherries, cranberries, lingonberries. You can also combine fruits and berries in any combinations 🙂


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