Purim cookies HAMANTASH (Hamantashen, Hamantaschen)

These are a very tasty cookies traditionally baked on the Jewish holiday of Purim. I’m not Jew, but my husband yes – besides, these are his favorite cookies. And I’m just always glad to eat tasty food 🙂 Cooking of these sweets is very simple and fast. For the dough, mix 2 cups of all-purpose…

ROYAL PIE (opt.: gf, sugar free)

This pie is very popular in Eastern Europe, it’s very tasty and very easy to cook. It looks like as if sprinkled with snow, so just right for the New Year!

RAVIOLI: THE BEST RECIPES (opt.: gf, sugarfree)

You can choose any filling: Fresh or thawed pitted cherries + sugar or erythritol; Peaches + sugar or erythritol; Nectarines + sugar or erythritol; Apricots + sugar or erythritol; Any grated cheese (+any greens. Spinach, dill, parsley, basil are especially good); Boiled mashed potatoes + salt (+any greens, you can also add cheese); Pumpkin grated…

THE BEST PANCAKES (opt.: baked, gf, sugar free)

These are the most delicious pancakes! My husband is a big fan of pancakes, he also considers that these pancakes are excellent. The recipe is mine, opened during many years of experiments 🙂


Potato pancakes are very popular dish in Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines, where they are called “draniki”. And also in Jewish cuisine, where they are called “latkes” and in American, where they are called “hash browns”. I have seen many recipes for such pancakes based on boiled potatoes – yes, these latkes are good sometimes,…

A THOUSAND AND ONE FAILURE, or how I found my treasures

Where to cook – that is the question! It is important for health not only what kind of food we eat, but also in what cookware it is cooked. Aluminum recognized as especially harmful – if to use such cookware, doctors promise irritability, headaches and even cancer with Alzheimer. OMG! Stainless steel is

My new book A NEW LIFE – why is it worth reading?

All the events described in my new book A New Life took place in actuality, either in the author’s or others’ lives. From this book you’ll learn:
* How to find a job, apply to available openings, and get them to hire you.
* Where to find a worthy life partner;
* How to win the interest, sympathy and love of any person—including the one you want to be with.
More in English: https://anewlifebook.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/a-new-life-what-is-this-book-about-why-is-it-worth-reading/


Taste of the dish doesn’t like real cheesecake, but very close and the cake has much less salt and calories 🙂


Вкус – посередине между творожной запеканкой и настоящим чизкейком (но здесь значительно меньше калорий и соли :)) Резать лучше холодным.


This cocktail improves mood, skin condition, work and condition of the digestive system. This is my husband’s favorite breakfast 🙂


Do you have no time at all, but want to please your loved one? This cake is what you need! For those who don’t know how to cook and for those who have an allergy to eggs and/or gluten. You can make great chiffon pie without baking at all!


У вас совсем нет времени и при этом хочется порадовать близкого человека? Этот торт – настоящая находка! Для тех, кто совсем не умеет готовить, а также для тех, у кого аллергия на яйца и/или глютен. Он даже не требует выпечки.